Aesthetic Medical Supplies is a leading wholesaler selling products from the most popular brands in the aesthetic industry. We always carry a large stock of aesthetic medical devices and with our high negotiation skills and extensive product knowledge, we offer very competitive prices.
All products are 100% authentic and CE marked. We are a business-oriented company and we have more than a decade of knowledge and experience. Effective communication and being adaptable are some of our core values and one of our main goals is to grow our business together with our customers.  





Always a large



Secure & fast




customer service



Business-oriented wholesaler
We are determined to keep our reputation as an innovative business-oriented wholesaler where our main goal is to help the aesthetic business of our partners grow. Relationship building, trust and knowing what’s important to our partners build the foundation of our company and help us maintain long-term partnerships.

Extensive product knowledge
We have more than a decade of experience in the aesthetic industry and our deep extensive product knowledge supports us in obtaining a large stock of the most popular and newest aesthetic medical device products at very competitive prices. 

Fast, effective & safe communication
We believe that offering effective and fast communication to our business partners is key to a strong cooperation. We always strive to offer excellent service where ongoing mutual benefits are key. We only work with professionals in the aesthetic industry and all customers are carefully approved before they can place an order with us.

We are agile
We consider ourselves always being ready to change and being innovative. Our organization accepts and is comfortable with constant changes which we consider normal in the aesthetic industry today.



CEO & Founder

I have been working in the aesthetic industry for almost two decades and since day one, my top priority has been setting our business partners and our own company up for success. 

Our company has a strong reputation where we empower our business partners and help each other grow – a great ambition for me from the beginning.

I know every aspect of the aesthetic value chain and I always make sure to offer our business partners excellent service and make long-term plans.


Procurement Manager

I am responsible for ensuring that we always maintain a constant flow of products in our stock at the most competitive prices and hereby help our company achieve our goals. 

Finding supplier partners, which we can work with on a long-term basis, where loyalty and trust are key factors, is my top priority.

To me, making sure our products are shipped at the agreed time and providing our customers with the best service is Alpha Omega.


M. Bobis
Sales & Administrative Specialist

As a Sales & Admin Specialist, my main responsibility is to provide essential support to our customers, making sure they get the best prices & ensure efficient handling of sales orders. Liaise with the concerned department to monitor and keep track of the exportation process & delivery schedule respectively.

My goal is to establish, develop and maintain a good relationship with our customers & do my best to provide them with amazing customer service that will support their business growth.



In my role as an Accountant, I support our company with daily bookkeeping as well as different tasks in the accounting department and contribute to the department always delivering high quality. 

With more than 25 years of experience, I consider myself administratively strong, very organized and I have an excellent understanding of accounting. 

Structure is a keyword for me in my daily work, and I always have what’s best for our company in mind.