E.p.t.q. is a South Korean dermal filler line that contains 3 different dermal fillers: e.p.t.q. S100, e.p.t.q.S300, e.p.t.q.S500. Each filler is designed to treat different areas within the aesthetic field and is based on purified and stabilized cross-linked hyaluronic acid.
The name E.p.t.q. is combined from the 2 words “Exquisite” and “Technique”. Here is the newest technology with a high focus on safety combined with the creation of a filler that enhances facial augmentation, improves skin imperfections, and provides deep hydration. This gives women an opportunity to manage exquisite detail of beauty to achieve their true selves. The manufacturer Jetema has its own 9 criteria to produce high safety hyaluronic acid dermal fillers. E.p.t.q. fillers are approved by the European medical certificate CE 2292, KFDA, and FDA.


E.p.t.q. is a product range of 3 different dermal fillers that comes with and without lidocaine. The 3 dermal fillers are developed to meet the increased demands to achieve a more youthful appearance. The product mostly addresses women but works just as equally well on men. All 3 dermal fillers are based on high-purity cross-linked hyaluronic acid with a minimum of 24mg/ml. HA.
E.p.t.q. is short for epitique and is constructed by the words “Exquisite” and “Technique”. E.p.t.q is manufactured by Jetema
Jetema is a Korean research-orientated bio-aesthetic pharmaceutical company. E.p.t.q. launched in 2017 in Korea. In 2020 Jetema obtained the CE approval for e.p.t.q. 

E.p.t.q. S 100:
E.p.t.q. S 100 is a thin filler but still with high viscoelasticity that is easy to work with. E.p.t.q. Should be injected into the superficial part of the dermis. Because the gel is thin it works well to treat small and fine lines. E.p.t.q. S 100 can treat crow’s feet, temples, and tear trough around the eye area and small fine lines around the mouth. 
E.p.t.q. S 100 comes with and without lidocaine so the injector can choose the best pain reliever for the patients. 

E.p.t.q. S 300: 
E.p.t.q. S 300 is made for creating more volume and can fill deep to medium wrinkles. E.p.t.q. S 300 should be injected in middle to deep layers of the dermis. The filler has high viscoelasticity but is still very easy to work with when injected. The high viscoelasticity creates volume to the injected area and can add volume to the chin- and jawline profile. Is often used to enhance lip lines and adds more volume to lips. The filler is great for filling deep to medium wrinkles like nasolabial folds and marionette lines.
E.p.t.q. S 300 comes with and without lidocaine so the injector can choose the best pain reliever for the patients. 

E.p.t.q. S 500:
E.p.t.q. S 500 is a thick gel created for stronger enhancements and can fill severe wrinkles. E.p.t.q. S 500 should be injected into the hypodermis and can create radical changes in the facial shape like nose bridge, chin, cheekbones, and jawlines. This filler can fill deep and severe wrinkles in the neck, forehead, and around the eyes and mouth. The filler has high viscoelasticity with purified cross-linked hyaluronic acids that create a strong support system for the skin.
E.p.t.q. S500 comes with and without lidocaine so the injector can choose the best pain reliever for the patients.


E.p.t.q. fillers last from 12-24 months. E.p.t.q. contains cross-linked hyaluronic acids that ensure the hyaluronic acid has a long life in the skin. 
Hyaluronic acid is naturally occurring in the human body. The rate of degradation of naturally produced hyaluronic acid in the skin is about 1 day. To prolong this process and make the commercially hyaluronic acid last longer the dermal fillers are chemically modified. E.p.t.q. contains cross-linked hyaluronic acids that make the hyaluronic acid last long in the body.  


E.p.t.q. is a very safe dermal filler. During the production, all ingredients have undergone a very precise cleaning process where the hyaluronic acid is highly purified. This ensures the endotoxin is kept below 0,1EU/ml. minimizing side effects like swollen skin after a procedure. E.p.t.q. is based on the same pH as the body. 
Besides that, residual BDDE is kept under <2 parts per million (ppm) in the e.p.t.q. dermal fillers. This level is considered non-toxic for the body. 
When hyaluronic acid is crosslinked 1,4-butanediol diglycidyl ether (BDDE) is used as a crosslinking agent. During the process, there will always be residual or unreached BDDE left in the product. 
E.p.t.q. uses a very precise cleaning process that keeps the levels of residual BDDE below <2 parts per million (ppm) making e.p.t.q. a very safe and non-toxic filler. E.p.t.q. is CE certified and approved by the FDA.