Syringe 1 x 0,6ml

Belotero Lips Contour Lidocaine 0,6ml

Belotero Lips Contour Lidocaine is developed to restore the outline of the lips and enhance the natural lip shape for a more youthful look. The cross-linked substance hyaluronic acid benefits the product with an immediate contouring effect and reduces wrinkles around the mouth area. Belotero Lips Contour contains high viscosity and low viscosity making the filler excellent suited for dynamic areas and allowing great integration for superficial injections. The result obtained with Belotero Lips Contour Lidocaine lasts approximately 6 months depending on the individual skin type, lifestyle, age, and technique used by the medical professional.

Belotero Lips Contour is recommended for use in combination with Belotero Lips Shape to achieve subtle and natural lip enhancements.


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  • 1 x 0,6ml pre-filled syringe
  • 1 x 27G ½ sterile needle
  • 1 x 30G ½ sterile needle.

Key ingredients:

  • Cross-linked sodium hyaluronate: 22.5 mg/ml
  • Lidocaine: 3 mg/ml
  • Lip contouring
  • Reduces wrinkles around the mouth areas
  • Define the vermillion border of the lips
  • High cohesivity and low viscosity
  • Combine with Belotero Lips shape Lidocaine for perfect lips
  • Results: Up to 6 months
  • Areas: Lips