Syringe 1 x 1,1ml

E.p.t.q. S300 Lidocaine 1,1ml

E.p.t.q. S300 is based on medium-sized purified cross-linked hyaluronic acid. This makes it ideal for adding volume to the facial area and it can correct medium to deep wrinkles. S300 has also proven to be excellent at enhancing lip contours and adding volume to the lips. Once the filler has been injected it is easy to work with because of the high viscoelasticity. E.p.t.q. S300 should be injected into the middle/deep layer of the skin. Results last up to 6 – 9 months. The filler contains lidocaine.  


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The pack consists of:

  • 1 x 1ml pre-filled syringe
  • 2 x 27G1 single-use needles

Key ingredients:

  • Cross-linked hyaluronic acid (24mg / 1ml)
  • Hyaluronate sodium (Conc. % < 3.0 %) 
  • Water (Conc.% ≥ 95%)
  • Lidocaine

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  • High purity of hyaluronic acid
  • High viscoelasticity
  • Approved by the KFDA, FDA, and CE 2292
  • Perfect for adding volume 
  • Fills deep to severe wrinkles 
  • Results: Up to 12 months
  • Areas: Nasolabial folds, perioral wrinkles, cheeks, and lips

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